Liquid analysis

Liquid analysis

Just like in the fields of drinking water and swimming pool water, when it comes to cooling water it is important to know and ensure the complete hygienic state of the water. Since 2015 this emphasis has also been stipulated in the technical directive VDI 2047, Sheet 2. Analysis is carried out using the pH value and turbidity. For this purpose JUMO supplies the JUMO tecLine ph combination electrodes and JUMO ecoLine NTU as well as the JUMO AQUIS 500 pH and JUMO AQUIS RS transmitters/controllers. The latter can also be replaced with the JUMO AQUIS touch S, thereby expanding the control and recording functions of the plant.

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Sensors, transmitters, and controllers are used to prevent the growth of germs and algae as well as to ensure the quality of the cooling water. These reliably measure the turbidity and the pH value so that the water can be treated with biocide or disinfectant. The dose here can be controlled as necessary. If required, additional electrodes for chlorine or bromine can also be used to monitor the treatment of the water.

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