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Controlling recording

Hygiene in evaporative cooling towers is extremely important, and has been regulated since January 2015 by technical directive VDI 2047, Sheet 2. This is because people have already died (Legionnaire's disease) due to the growth of germs (legionellosis) in cooling towers. To ensure that your cooling water is safe and that this state can be proven we recommend the JUMO AQUIS touch S. The multichannel controller can not only record all of the measurands in the process, but also control the dosing of biocide and the desalination process.

Our components for control and recording

Complete solution for cooling water treatment

Our complete solution for recording and control

The JUMO AQUIS touch S is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling cooling water quality. Measurement, display, control, and recording are carried out in a central device which replaces the transmitters/controllers and paperless recorders for the different measurands (pH, turbidity, conductivity, chlorine, or bromine). Numerous analog inputs and switching outputs are available for this purpose. Up to 8 analog measurands and 6 binary signals are recorded in a tamper-proof manner. They are clearly shown in their chronological sequence on the 5.5" screen. Different interfaces allow an industrial modem or other digital systems to be connected.

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