Ballast water management

Ships are filled with ballast water after discharging waste water or unloading cargo in order to maintain their balance. It is taken from the local waters and discharged in the port when loaded again. To prevent the ballast water and the plants, animals, viruses and microorganisms it contains from damaging ecosystems, the water must be treated.

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Ballast water management with JUMO

Measurement and control technology protects the world's ecosystems

When ships (partially) unload or discharge waste water, ballast water from local waters provides balance. When it is then discharged again in another port, the local ecosystem can be severely damaged, for example by foreign animals, plants, viruses and other microorganisms. For this reason, the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments must be urgently observed and the ballast water must be treated accordingly. JUMO offers measurement and control technology for various processes of ballast water management, which has approvals for shipping.