Heating system on board a ship

Frost protection

Air conditioning systems must be protected against frost. This applies in particular to the external unit of the air conditioning system. With decades of experience in temperature measurement and control, JUMO created a simple and reliable solution for frost protection.

Process data
Minimum temperature 5 °C

Our solution for frost protection

Especially developed for frost protection

The JUMO frostTherm-AT thermostat provides reliable protection

In order to optimally protect a plant from frost damage, the use of an electromechanical thermostat is advantageous, as no auxiliary energy is required. In this way, the JUMO frostTherm-AT is always operating independently of the system as a safety temperature monitor (STM) or safety temperature limiter (STL). The surface-mounting thermostat was developed especially for this application in heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology.

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