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The Future of Hydrogen: JUMO Offers Efficient Solutions as a Development Partner

Hydrogen is developing into THE energy source of the future. Renewable energies (wind, sun, hydropower, and biomass) can be used not only to produce CO2-neutral energy, but also to store it and use it in a variety of ways. JUMO is not only a supplier, but also a development partner and solution provider.


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We see hydrogen as a promising technology for the future and want to participate in its dynamic development," says Rainer Moritz, market segment manager for renewable energy at JUMO. JUMO will present its product range at the "Hydrogen Technology Expo" trade fair (September 27 and 28, 2023) in Bremen, Germany.

Hydrogen is a true all-rounder. But the necessary infrastructure to implement all the ambitious goals is still lacking. Many new technologies and systems based on hydrogen must consequently be developed now and in the future. This includes electrolysis systems and fuel cells, but extends far beyond these 2 things. Technologies that replace natural gas systems or that synthesize e-fuels in a way that does not emit CO2 are also required.

Dealing with hydrogen technologies is a challenge

For many companies, dealing with hydrogen technologies is a major challenge. New suppliers and new technical solutions need to be found. Special products and special expertise are required for handling explosive gases in particular.

"This is where JUMO comes into play with its wide range of products for hydrogen," says Moritz, referring to the measurement and control technology for pressure, temperature, level, conductivity, flow, and safety with corresponding approvals for explosion protection, functional safety, and ship approvals.

"JUMO also offers its expertise as a development partner for projects along the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to usage," says Moritz, summarizing the range of the Fulda-based corporate group.

The trade fair in Bremen, Germany is the largest hydrogen conference worldwide

The "Hydrogen Technology Expo" is the world's largest conference and exhibition dedicated exclusively to advanced technologies for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

This event brings together representatives from the entire hydrogen value chain to work together on the development of innovative solutions for a low-carbon energy supply.

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