18 apprentices successfully finished their apprenticeship at JUMO / Extensive technical knowledge

Ideally Qualified for the Challenges of the New Working World

A short time ago 18 apprentices at JUMO have been given a send-off into their professional lives after successfully passing their examinations, enriched by extensive technical knowledge and a wealth of personal experience.


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During a small ceremony, the two training managers Tamara Stauch (commercial professions and IT) and Frank Blasinger (industrial-technical professions) thanked the apprentices for their commitment under the difficult Corona conditions over the past three and a half years. Gifts were presented for the positive examination results by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Steffen Hoßfeld and Human Resources Manager Alexandra Dantmann. Harald Kaib, Deputy Chairman of the Works Council, thanked them for their commitment and welcomed them as new skilled employees.

Tristan Hahl, Silas Hergenröder, Helene Kimpel, Paul Landsiedel, Emma Mende, Hannah Müller, Theresa Semmler, and Franziska Spohr can now call themselves industrial managers. Dennis Wlochowitz was successfully sent off into the working world as an IT specialist for system integration.

Johannes Schnabel, Lukas Schöppner, Alexandru-Ionel Selko, Bastian Spiegel, and Jannik Winheim successfully finished their apprenticeships as electronics technicians for devices and systems. Florian Sauer and Linus Waider successfully completed their apprenticeships as tool mechanics, while Niklas Gärtner can now call himself an industrial electrician. Dana-Laura Letnev also successfully completed her glass apparatus apprenticeship.

All ex-apprentices received gifts in the form of multimeters, calipers, books, pens engraved with their names, and vouchers.

This is an apprenticeship class that started its training under drastic coronavirus-related restrictions, but mastered it with flying colors, as both instructors emphasized. "So today it shall rain confetti for you," said Tamara Stauch.

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