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JUMO DELOS SI – Precision Pressure Transmitter with Switching Contacts and Display (405052)


  • 0 to 400 mbar – 0 to 60 bar relative/absolute
  • Measuring range scaling 1:4
  • Linearity (limit point setting) ≤ 0.1 % MSP
  • Analog output can be freely configured by the user
  • Time-saving and simple configuration on the device or with easy-to-use setup program
  • Large, vibrant display
  • Flexible installation position through display (180°) rotation and subsequent auto-zero
  • Rotating case for better readability (+/-160°)
  • Optionally available for high medium temperatures up to 200 °C (SIP and CIP compatible)
  • Hygienic process connections

Customer benefits

  • Process reliability
    A hygienic design, parts that are in contact with the media being made of stainless steel, and a cavity-free system prevent microbial contamination and therefore guarantee maximum process reliability for hygienic processes.
  • Uncomplicated and time-saving
    The measuring device can be configured easily to save time, either on-site or through a convenient setup program.
  • Flexible
    To optimize legibility, configuration, electrical installation, and the implementation of auto-zero, the case of the measuring device can be adjusted by +/-160° and the display by 180° in a user-friendly manner. 


  • Food and beverage industry (breweries/dairies)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • CIP/SIP plants
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration applications


The high-precision electronic pressure switch JUMO DELOS SI meets technical hygienic requirements. The device meets the specific requirements of hygienic process reliability with its easy-to-clean design and its front-flush measuring system without seals. Factory-set nominal measuring range: 0 to 400 mbar – 0 to 60 bar. The device can be rescaled at a ratio of 1:4, offering the user the possibility to carry out several measuring tasks with one device. Depending on the application, the following starter versions are available: 1 × PNP or 2 × PNP-switching output / 1 × PNP switching output and an analog output signal. The process pressure is visualized by a large and positively-lit LCD display. The configuration can be easily defined on the measuring device itself or using the convenient setup program. For enhanced legibility the device can be turned by +/-160° and the display can be mirror-imaged by 180° during installation. A high temperature version allowing up to 200 °C (CIP and SIP cleaning) is available for hot media.


This JUMO product is licensed under United States and Canadian patents. Purchasers of the JUMO product outside of the United States and Canada should advise JUMO of any planned sales of the product in the United States and Canada.


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Setup JUMO DELOS 405050

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