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JUMO is one of the best training companies in Germany

Award from business magazine FOCUS

PI 2244

JUMO is one of the best training companies in Germany

For JUMO shareholder and managing director Bernhard Juchheim, the award is clear evidence of the great importance attached to the topic of "training" at JUMO: "Against the background of demographic change and the increasing digitalisation of society, excellently qualified skilled workers are an invaluable competitive advantage." The great commitment is also a clear commitment to the Fulda location and to strengthening the entire region.

Head of Human Resources Alexandra Dantmann emphasises that the high quality of training will not be compromised even in the current situation: "Crises pass, but the fundamental challenges remain. From our point of view, qualified training of our own employees is the best recipe against the shortage of skilled workers." At JUMO, more than 100 young people are currently undergoing training in ten different trades.

For the FOCUS ranking, structural company data, the training quota, training success and training remuneration were examined, among other things. Questionnaires and the evaluation of online news and social media sources served as the basis. A total of 300,000 mentions were recorded and analysed on the Internet.

The overall evaluation was made on a scale of 1 to 100. JUMO achieved an above-average score of 96.1 and was one of six companies in the "measurement technology" sector to receive the seal.



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