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Heating and air- conditioning

We all prefer a nice warm room. As manufacturers of heating and air-conditioning systems, you know just how important it is for all the components involved to be reliably controlled and monitored. JUMO, your reliable partner, is at your side to help when you have questions, and to provide you with quick solutions. It does not matter how you want to control and regulate your system, nor does it matter how you would like to protect your system.


Find information about plants in the heating and air-conditioning industry with detailed information about JUMO products in condensing boilers, solid fuel boilers, pellet heating systems, combined heat and power plants and air- conditioning / heat pumps.


Measurement products

Find detailed information about products JUMO offers to the heating and air-conditioning industry.



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Regulations and requirements

In order to provide you reliable products, we make great efforts to adapt the guidelines to our products.